Henry Holmes /



Interaction Designer

Mobile UIUX


Performing Artist


U. Wisconsin - Madison

BFA Dance with Com­puter Sci­ence Certificate


Seeking work in NYC or short term travel


Lead role creating an app for Dance Education Laboratory 92Y. Budgeting, UIUX design, supervising implementation, building and maintaining database, performing QA. Leading workshops to craft a dataset and resources model based on community needs and strengths. Teaching classes for educators on using technology with students. Case Study. DEL.

GuideOne Mobile

3 years to present. UI design, UX research, interaction prototyping, copywriting and content strategy, support and documentation, QA and testing, specialized indoor proximity algorithms and calibration. GuideOne.

  • Park Mobile for the National Park Service (2017) Project File.
  • Kenai Explorer Journal for Kenai Fjords National Park (2016)
  • Yeltsin for the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center (2015) Project File.
  • Holocaust Memorial for Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach (2015)
  • Places Mobile pilot for the National Park Service (2015)

Visual Country

1 year to 2017. Information technology and project management consultation. Insight into communication patterns and editing workflows, media management and human resources. Configuration and training for new time tracking and scheduling software. Sourcing and installation of business grade network with 15 hardwired connections and two APs. Backups, updates and general troubleshooting for creatives and accounts team. Visual Country.

Gibney Dance Center

8 months in 2016. Participant to the establishment of Gibney's Digital Technology Initiative to provide media and IT support to artists. Teaching post-production and computer use classes. Animation and editing workflows. DTI.

Hudson Clearwater

9 months to 2015. Custom reservations system built in Google Apps to handle several hundred reservations daily, including large groups and a waitlist. Hudson Clearwater.

Gernsbacher Lab

2 years to 2013. Lead software development of J2EE survey framework for conducting IRB-grade studies. Custom scripting and survey generation for Mechanical Turk. Hardware sourcing, installation and upkeep. Gernsbacher Lab.